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We developed the Lifebox to rescue babies in emergency situations. The underlying idea is based on creating an overpressure system inside the Lifebox. Babies can be provided with breathable air for 45 minutes inside this self-contained system. This protects them in a wide range of emergency situations, such as fires or gas leaks. And the best thing? No specialist medical knowledge is required to use our Lifeboxes.

Equipped to deal with any situation: Our three Lifebox® models

Produktfoto der Lifebox single von NeoRescue
Lifebox® single

The Lifebox single can be used to rescue one baby. No extra space is provided for monitoring equipment. Ideally the Lifebox single will be used in clinics, hospitals, women’s hospitals and birthing centres.

Produktfoto der Lifebox double von NeoRescue
Lifebox® double

The Lifebox double has room for two babies and the corresponding monitoring equipment. It is ideal for use in clinics and hospitals and can be used in neonatology units, women’s clinics and birthing centres.

Produktfoto der Lifebox universal von NeoRescue
Lifebox® universal

The Lifebox universal has room for one or two babies. No extra space is provided for monitoring equipment. This type of Lifebox is ideal for fire services, childcare centres, hotels and cruise ships.

Zustellmöbel, in dem die Lifebox verstaut werden kann
Storage unit

We recommend using our storage unit to ensure that the Lifebox is protected from light and extreme temperatures while still being immediately accessible.