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Lifebox® single

Product description

We developed the Lifebox single to rescue babies in emergency situations. It is equipped with an overpressure system which ensures babies have optimum protection as soon as the box is correctly closed. The Lifebox single has room for one baby, which will be provided with breathable air for 45 minutes.


No specialist medical knowledge is required to use the Lifebox single correctly. It is, however, obligatory to attend product training given by NeoRescue. In addition to this, we recommend that annual refresher courses are attended and new employees are given training.

Technical data

Download technical data sheet here

Target group

The Lifebox single is ideal for clinics and hospitals. It can be used in women’s clinics and birthing centres.

Step-by-step instructions

0. Place the infant in the protection-sleeve and close it diagonally (respecting the colour markings in red and blue)


1. Open the Lifebox


2. Place the babies correctly into the carriers designed for this purpose. It is not necessary to detach them from medical equipment because there is space for this in the lower area of the Lifebox.


3. Place monitors in the space designed for this purpose.


4. The breathable air supply can be activated as soon as the babies and monitors are inside the Lifebox. To do so, simply open the valve on the breathable air bottle, which is located inside the Lifebox.


5. Before you close the Lifebox check that breathable air is flowing out correctly.


6. After activating the breathable air supply close the Lifebox and fasten the safety strap. From now on babies will be inside an overpressure system and thus optimally protected.


7. When the Lifebox has been correctly closed, firefighters can accompany the babies out of the danger area. Transportation should always be left to the professionals.

Die Feuerwehr rettet einen Säugling in der Lifebox double

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Das NeoRescue Team bietet Serviceverträge für die Lifebox an
Service agreement

To ensure that your Lifebox is always ready for use we recommend that you take out a service agreement with us or have us provide your employees with the relevant training.

Das NeoRescue Team bietet Produktschulungen der Lifebox für Feuerwehren an
Product training

To ensure that Lifeboxes are used correctly in emergencies we offer training courses for firefighters and healthcare employees.

Zustellmöbel, in dem die Lifebox verstaut werden kann
Storage unit

We recommend using our storage unit to ensure that the Lifebox is protected from light and extreme temperatures while still being immediately accessible.