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Input Event


The objective of our input event is to discuss the issues of safety, fire protection and evacuation in hospitals and clinics. We provide stimulating and useful tips on these three topics which can be put into practice.


The input event focuses on the following questions: What are the challenges faced by a clinic or hospital with regard to an evacuation? What are the things which most often get forgotten in the heat of the moment? What is the best way to prepare for an emergency? For demonstration purposes a short sequence with artificial smoke is integrated into the event.

Target group

The input event is aimed at fire prevention officers, safety officers and individuals who are responsible for carrying out evacuations in hospitals and clinics. Other target groups are firefighters and in-house fire services.


No special preparation is required.


The ideal number of participants in the input event ranges from 15 to 20 persons.




The input event is carried out on hospital or clinic premises.


David Selinger


The price for our input event can be provided on request.

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